Just in case y’all didn’t know, our pal Gordon Hull has a Tumblr now. Self-described as focusing on ‘stream of poetry/self-help/existential spiritual weirdness,’ the below romantic poem post has been my favorite so far (see link and post below).

You can also expect random photos of nature, interesting pop cultural memes, and embarrassing photos of many of his friends.

Check Gordie’s Tumblr out here.


and of the weather she reminds me and she reminds me of the weather

and of whether and of when

and of this she just reminds me

and of a sunshine it reminds me of a who of a she of the hot and of the heat

of a who of a her and of a what and of this

she reminds me.

she is made of summer light…


Images, ideas, bon mots and occasional fond musings.

Words are meaningless and forgettable.
-- Depeche Mode